The Newsy Neighbors Podcast

The stupidest way to consume your news, dude.

S1 Ep. 10 Ham Sandwich Deaths On The Rise

July 29th, 2019

The Newsy Neighbors have the entire band back together this week to take you beneath the fold and give you those newsy goods that you can't get enough of. Wonder why everyone is saying this podcast is the stupidest way to consume your news? If there was any doubt before episode 10 there certainly won't be after spending your drive home tuned in this week. All 6 corespondents dig in and do the hard hitting research that will have you thinking twice before you reach for that ham sandwich and consider how perfectly suited nearly all of Aerosmith's discography is to a particular near death experience everyone fears. We have a few famous guests from our childhood stop by the studio for a conversation about beverages and learn more about the private life of Steam Boat Willie star Mickey Mouse. We move into the Midwest bracket in this weeks Rock Chalk as we see one of the most dominant players of 2019 take the court. Don't miss this milestone episode and be sure to keep the questions coming to 

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