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S2 Ep. 2 AOL Voted Best Place For Cyber Sex

September 25th, 2019

The Newsy Neighbors are back in studio for another episode of hard hitting commentary that you just cant find anywhere else. We take a dive into the latest breaking topics the "other guys" are just too afraid to go near. Honestly, how the media can ignore this stuff is beyond us, so what option do we have but to chop up the important issues that matter most. 

We take a closer look at our world as it was decades ago on the cusp of a technological revolution. Yes that's right, the dawn of the internet age... When anyone over the age of 30 spent their share of time asking strangers "ASL?" in rudimentary online chat rooms hoping to coax someone posing as the opposite sex to pop their cyber cherry. There is no shame when you are among the neighbors, we tell it like it is and how it was, don't worry.

Nicey takes the listeners on another journey into the mind of a former drug addict as he recounts the time he decided to eat Sausage, Ex and Cheese before heading into the office in his young 20's.

Ace and Bobby put Stars musical prowess the test in a new interactive game show segment where he has to finish that lyric of some questionable "hits" of the 90's and early 2000's. Play along with the cast here people, these ones are for the latch key kids who spent some hours in front of the TV letting Carson Daly tell you what music was hot that week.

Take a ride with the boys, I promise we have toys... Please enjoy....

And don't forget to send your listener questions to after you consume your news, dude. 

S2 Ep. 1 Piggly Wiggly Under Investigation

September 8th, 2019

WE'RE BAAAACKKkk... Lil Jack... 100,000 listeners strong now! The Newsy Neighbors are back after a brief hiatus to bring you an all new season of zainy news and stories galore ripe for consumption. 

This week we take a deep dive on Jonathan Taylor Thomas and ask the question, who was really the diva on the Home Improvement set? We learn about the worlds first supermarket Piggly Wiggly and theorize on how its creator may have enticed southerners to come on down to give it a try.

We take a shot at a new character segment, Velvet or Velveeta, and discuss who is no more than gooey liquid synthetic cheese or who is as smooth as the velvet curtains in Bam Margera's house. 

Welcome back folks! Don't forget to consume your news and send us your Q's to 

Love - The Newsy Neighbors 

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