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S2 Ep. 10 Men’s Warehouse Loses Millions in Class Action Lawsuit to Customers Who Dislike The Way They Look

December 1st, 2019

Gather around the Papa Johns Pizza for another episode of the Newsy Neighbors Podcast oozing with cheese this week as we take a deep dive on the topics that matter. 

Would you buy a suit if a stranger guaranteed that you would like the way you look in it? So would I. Join the cast in a round table discussion surrounding the man behind the voice of the Men's Warehouse powerhouse marketing campaign. 

Thinking about a barbed wire tattoo? So are we and we will tell you why. Also, Nicey recounts another time he looked around and found himself saying "Fuck, I'm high...." All this and more to keep your tootsies warm this week.

Join the show and send us your questions! Live phone calls and other neat things coming in season 3.

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